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Top 5 Strategies for Social Media Marketing


The Pure definition of Social media marketing is doing promotional activities either in paid form or organic form on any social platform where the audience can engage with themselves and the brand is social media marketing. If you are still two-minded about starting or investing time in social media marketing then you should just start. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are here for a longer time they are not going to vanish soon, and nor do I see this happening in the future. 

1. Tap Onto Micro-Influencers 

In a traditional influencer marketing campaign, you would reach out to bigger influencers related to your business / Niche and they will promote you to a larger audience, Ok a fine strategy, But what if I said you can get more influencers on the same budget, That’s where micro-influencers comes in they hold a lot of power as their audience would really listen to them and might complete your end goal.

2. Add Fun to People’s Life

Social media is not only a platform where people can engage, but most people are here to escape too and you can leverage that to your benefit. Create fun campaigns, which has games, quizzes, or any challenges that encourage your audience to participate and share. Social media marketing campaigns are all about that.

3. Engage and Interact 

Social media marketing is not just about creating a page or presence and you are done, You have to optimize your page, Interact with your followers, create a community where you share separate special content, and reply to followers be it positive or negative comments, Make your followers special, and do something that adds value to their lives.

4. Employee Advocacy Program

If you have a dedicated marketing team then leverage them, and encourage them to share behind-the-scenes content or any upcoming launch, update, collaboration, or anything that can be marketed or used as a marketing asset, what this will do is add a personal / humanize touch to your brand and it can expand its reach to through diverse perspective.

5. Social Market 2.0

A lot of products are sold on social media platforms by running paid ads, you can leverage that, But there’s something more effective than that, Showcase your products using the latest technology as Augmented reality, and captivative videos more strategies like this can give solid experience to your audience on a shopping journey.


As per the market trends, your social media marketing strategies should also change. Sticking to only these strategies is not ideal. You can adopt these strategies to make your brand an innovator and trendsetter in your industry. Social media marketing can be fun if you have the right mind and always keep one thing in mind create something that you as an individual will like seeing that means if you like it then there’s a pool of audience that will like it too.

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