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How To Identify The Right Influencer For Your Restaurant

Influencer marketing is one of the most trendy forms of social media marketing which enables a brand or product to gain audience reach and boost their profit online. Influencers usually collaborate with brands in the form of barter or paid collaborations. The reach provided by different influencers varies based on their video views, likes, shares, and follower count. 

influencers for restaurants marketing

The main task faced by various brands is finding the right influencer for their brands. Giving more insight into finding the right influencers for your restaurants there are major factors that need to be looked upon; firstly the 3 R’s that is Relevance, Reach, and Resonance have to be looked upon while choosing the influencer for your restaurant. 


The utmost important quality you need to identify is that the niche or the theme of the influencer account of any social media platform you wish to target is based on ‘food’.

influences for restaurants

Secondly, the account reach and followers should be the audience your restaurant wants to target, not what the influencer provides; understanding your target audience is very necessary.

If the restaurant is far away from the target audience’s locality and traveling is not efficient then the collaboration won’t favor your restaurant. 

Lastly, the influencer must have relevant content based on food and positive audience feedback to gain essential profits for your restaurant. 


To find the perfect influencer you need to strategize your marketing goals and steps, after which a budget has to be set in case of paid collaboration. 

Influencer marketing on the other hand is about spreading messages about your brand from genuine profiles that are trusted by people.

Good influencers are usually active and consistent, a proper consistency check of regular posting and content creation is another factor to be looked upon while choosing your influencer.

To get the right influencer you need to research your competitors and look into which influencers they have partnered with as well as what content they have targeted for marketing.  


Once you shortlist your influencers it is necessary to check how positive and friendly the influencer is with its audience, because in case your content gets negative audience feedback the influencer must have a positive and friendly response to the audience to get positive reach to your content.

Make sure that the quality of the deliverables the influencer has been offering on its account is of good quality and the final product must be viewer-friendly and attractive. 

Let us look into the different types of collaborations that food influencers offer.

Paid Collaborations are of great profit if the influencer is chosen based on the above-mentioned criteria. 

Paid collaborations are like investments that can result in heavy profitable returns if invested in the right influencer. In this type of collaboration, the influencer charges a certain amount for each video, post, story, or reel they have delivered in exchange for audience reach.

Barter Collaborations are done in exchange for food or discounts provided by the restaurant instead of money. Barter collaborations need to be pitched according to the favor of both the restaurant and the influencer. For example; the influencer creates reels and posts for the restaurant in exchange for a one-time free meal or a discount coupon

Nowadays a lot of influencers collab from their houses by ordering the food from your restaurant and passing a review. In this case, a reimbursement of the order amount is done by the restaurant after the deliverables are granted.

However finding the influencers and reaching out to them is not as easy as it sounds, you can directly DM or mail the influencers and put forth a pitch for the collaborations, or else contact us at Membrane Studios we can help you figure that out without any hassle or stress.

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